Making Light of Things

Sit Up and Pay Attention

Anne is growing up really fast. In the last few days she learned how to sit up unassisted. It’s an amazing sight - her sitting on this huge expanse of a bed, looking so intently before deciding which toy to reach for and pick up. She also discovered that hitting her rattle hard on the ground makes a much louder sound than simply shaking it. Parts of her legs are often unintentional striking points, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Yesterday, I came out of the shower to see her smiling at me. I cracked a few jokes and she laughed. I’m going to exercise a little more faith and say that she understood (rather than she seemed to understand) what I was saying, and her laughter reaffirms what I always knew: that I should work on my material and be a stand-up comedian down at the bar where they allow bartop dancing. To heck with this web / information design nonsense.

Thank you for your many offers of clothing and stationery (gonna spell it wright this time). For those of you who asked,

Most of all, I think we need your prayers. Things aren’t shaping up the way we hoped, with obstacles preventing many of us from going.

His will be done.