A Letter to My Mum

Hi Mummy,
thank you for your reminders. I'll have to get a sieve before I can make the Chrysanthemum tea. I'll do that as soon as I get to the mall. I'm feeling much better, if you haven't already read that in my homepage.
I've just banked in my scholarship money and the balance in the savings account now stands at around ***. The bank has asked me if I wanted to see their investments people to invest it. I'd much rather you do these things, knowing myself, I'd spend too much time analyzing everything. I don't want the money to be stagnant here, earning the measly amount on interest. And it's tying up quite a significant sum you could much rather use. Only problem I see would be the rising US dollar. If you want me to send it back to your account, could you provide me with the details?
How are things at home? I speak to Min on the internet once in a while. She's always doing her literature. Don't think she's found a love for it yet, but at least I don't detect an insurmountable amount of dislike for the wonderful subject. Things are great here, I'm feeling so much better. I couldn't breathe in deep for the past few days, then this morning I sneezed and breathed in deep, and a muscle popped back into place. So everything is ok, except for a slight cough. I'll still stay away from basketball and heaty foods for the next week or so. God has really been watching over me. Haven't heard from you in a while. You must be pretty busy, or did something go wrong with your email connection? I had a job interview, which I recorded down in my journals on my WebPages. I decided not to go for it, even though the money offered seemed to be good. It's a sales job, and I cannot sell something I don't know about to a people I know little about. So I'll be back this summer. Oh, I've to get in touch with the lady at the travel agency, I'll do that by the end of this week…it's been a busy few weeks with lots of tests. I've done very well, but I don't want pride to get to my head (again all this is recorded on my homepage).
Well I've to go do some homework, and readings. You take care. And send my love to Mama, Auntie Lyn, Daddy and the two treasures at home. Tell them that I love them, and I love you.
your son.

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