An Introduction

This is my first journal, and I guess I have to begin with a short introduction. That's right, I haven't written my diary in a long time.
I'm a student here at the University of Arizona, and I came here from Singapore about two months ago. It's been tough, coming in the Spring Semester when everyone is already settled into their little niches, with friends of their own. I have made a few friends, but there's nothing like starting out in a new place with people who are as lost as you are.
Woke up today and boy did my back ache. Took me a while to figure out I was suffering from the flu, nasty fever and the works. The only thing that's helping me look straight at the computer screen right now is two Advil tablets and turning the screen brightness down.
It has been quite a journey I've been on. I had made up my mind to study in the United States quite a long time ago, when I was working in Chicago for an internship. I remember writing down a list, a list of 'good' schools that I wouldn't mind attending. All my friends made it to good schools – Cheryl went to the University of Michigan, Mark went to Duke University, and Joel went to Notre Dame. It was not a conscious effort to compete, but it was taken for granted that only these schools would be acceptable to me. My list wasn't long – University of North Carolina, Indiana University, Texas at Austin… Arizona was not in my list, namely because it had not made the Top tier as ranked by US News.
God would see to it that my pride would have to be in check. I missed all my application deadlines, failing to take the required SATs in time. The tuition fees would cost more than expected with the rising US dollar. I knew that God was wrestling me.
Going through college directories, Faith came across Baylor University, which I noted was not on the top tier. I dismissed it right away – not good enough, I thought. God bugged me endlessly about Baylor. I had problems sleeping thinking about it. It came to a point I broke down and almost shouted 'ok! We'll just do what You want!'. And then the peace came back to my life. He whispered to me in the most intimate way. I held my dreams in my arms, not wanting to let go, but finding myself unable to resist. God gave me back my list, and He allowed me peace, peace to choose whichever University I wanted to attend.
There I saw, that we've been fooled for so long. That the desire to be number one is so deeply encoded into our lives. We consciously or subconsciously compete with one another, and it becomes an endless race. I chose Arizona, leaving my application to the good Lord's hands – knowing that it was best for me.
So here I am, writing this to you, from a little room in Arizona.

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