Bridging the Linguistic Barrier

It's amazing how fast time flies, and I face another weekend. Time on your hands when you have little to do, and no one to meet, becomes a little laborious. It's hard to find something to do in Tucson, where the bus systems are not as convenient as back home.
My new roommate is due to come in this weekend. I finally cleared the mix-up. He's from England, is English, and speaks English. It would be quite impossible if he didn't, and there would really be a communication problem, Latin being so hard to pick up. I don't know what is in store, but I pray that I'll be a good roommate, and that he'll be a responsible one too.
Found out today that Mummy went ahead and printed all my journals from day one for Daddy to read. I also heard that Daddy has been poring over it. It's kind of hard to picture that. Don't get me wrong, my Dad and I have a great relationship. Though he's not as vocal as Mummy, I know that he cares for me a great deal, and in many ways, his leadership in my life has complemented my Mother's. I am thankful for them both and all that they have done for me. Indeed, God has put His hand in my life so wonderfully. Everything has really fell into place.
I also found out that Daddy bought a new knife. He has this fascination with knives, going to Sungei Road where people lay their goods on the ground to potential customers who flit from mat to mat, surveying the best goods for the best prices. That's one thing we share, and something my Mother can never understand. She tends to think of us as serial killers. Knives interest me in a weird way. I cannot put my finger on it. Looking at it objectively, it's just a piece of metal, but yet there are styles and patterns that are artistic, and a functionality you don't find in pictures hanging on the wall. So, it's a mixture of usefulness and beauty. Maybe…just maybe that's it.
The application for dorms for the fall semester is out already, and the deadline is next week. I still don't know if I want to stay in the dorms or move to an apartment. The dorms are so convenient, I even catch some of my forty winks between classes. The space is small though, and I've been living without a roommate these past two months, so adapting to one is still an uncertainty to me. Getting an apartment is a good idea, so if family and friends were to visit the very-interesting town of Tucson, I'd have a place to put them up in. I've to make a decision fast…
I made up my mind. I'm going to play basketball. I'll think about the apartment thing later.

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