Brother to Sisters

I just turned to my jukebox page and played this midi. It is one of the themes from the Playstation game Final Fantasy 8. It was the last game I played on the Playstation back home in Singapore before coming to Arizona. Hearing this music brings back so many memories that though recent, seem so far away. It seemed only yesterday when I was sitting in front of the television, with Min and Louelle by my side, and Auntie Lyn popping in now and then to see how the game progressed. I miss my sisters. Of course I don't miss quarrelling with them, or having to ask them to do their homework, but there are so many things that I love about them.
Min has grown up so well. It wasn't too long ago I was carrying her in my arms, or watching her fling telephones in her bursts of rage. Right now she's deciding what to study. I guess she hasn't found what she loves to study, but she's a smart girl who seems to get pretty good results without working up a sweat.
Louelle, my younger sister is turning more beautiful by the day. At the rate she's growing, she should be seven feet tall when I return to Singapore. I remember distinctly one wonderful thing she did for me. It was one of my birthdays, and this girl couldn't have been more than nine years old then, gave me two dollars as a present. I was so touched that tears came out of my eyes. Two dollars to that young girl meant the world at that time. These days, it would probably take all of Bill Gates to make her flinch. Seems like most of our children in Singapore have it good now. I'm not so sure if the shift from the lowly game of marbles to the high tech gameboy is good, and I pray that this lovely sister of mine chooses what is right and good.
Sigh, the music still playing, brings that scene so vividly in my mind. Sitting by my sisters, playstation controller in my hand.
To Min and Louelle, your brother loves you very much. Do remind me often of that fact, in case at times I act like I don't.

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