Droopy Eyed

I know I'm not the only one who feels that growing up is something we sometimes wish we could do without. As I grow older, I feel that life has become too complicated, too fast, and a little too ugly for me to handle. I often dwell on things that have been constant in my life (if you already haven't noticed). Things like the blue sky, and the blanket of stars that surround us. Maybe I'm in denial, but I do so believe that if I could retain the nature of a child, I'd be a much better person. I'd want my entire life to be a single moment on a Precious Moments picture. So much for a goal in life.
Today was my short day, classes ending at 1pm. I went to the Recreation Center, and today I scored three whole points! I know, it isn't as high as Michael Jordan or the rest, but I'm getting there. I'm indeed blessed to have played these few weeks with people who don't slight me for my lack of skill or size. I'm able to play hard and enjoy the game.
The cool of night and its solitude makes me miss home. Today, it's no longer scenes of boat quay, but I miss the yellow-lit ambience of Faith's home, Auntie Joyce's cooking, and just sitting down in front of the television, with Faith sitting beside me. I thank God for these blessings, and I yearn for the day I return home, and be there again.

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