Empirical Evidence of a Logical God

The much feared science test was today. I wrote in my journals yesterday that I understood science much better – it's amazing what a little pressure can do to you. I wanted to study last night, but only got ten minutes worth of work done before my eyes started tearing. I set my alarm clock to 1am, hoping that two hours of sleep might somehow give me enough energy to study.
*breeep breeep* An arm reaches out, shuts the alarm off, and manages to change the alarms settings to 7am just before slinking back into bed. The 1am alarm was a joke. my body didn't even take it seriously. My mind, on the other hand, reasoned that I had around two hours between classes in the morning. My mind, obviously forgot about the time I take to walk from place to place, and the breakfast I had to eat.
One more hour. I arrive at the Physics and Atmospheric Sciences Building early, got seated down on any available chair, took out my notes…and oh my gosh… looked like greek to me. Slightly flustered and almost panicking, I pull out a few sheets in my notebook that I had not know existed. "Sample Exam"….I flipped through it, trying to solve questions. Only thing I accomplished was getting more flustered. I made careless mistakes, and things that once were clear…now weren't. Study study….
Ten more minutes. I'm just starting to understand things again…and I don't have enough time. If only…oh whaddahey, I'll just trudge in to face my fate.
On seeing the paper, I set out to do the first question. I remember having to do four out of five of the questions. I chose a simple velocity problem. It was a problem alright. No, it wasn't difficult. I just couldn't solve it for some reason. It took me a good ten-fifteen minutes to finally see my stupid mistakes and get it down. I could do three of the four calculation questions. Question number one was this historical question, about Ptolemy and his ancient friends, and covered scientific history all the way to Newton. I had intended to leave the historical question out, then I read the instructions – Do Question ONE, then choose three out of four. I had to do question one??? But…but…
Argh. Just scribbled a few names I could recall on the paper. Then I wrote. And I wrote, and I wrote. It all started coming back to me. Names, theories, everything started making sense again. By the end of it I felt so impassioned about Newton and his contribution to science that I scared myself. I was starting to sound like some physicist who spent his life trying to prove the earth went round the sun.
I only have God to thank for this. He really has been watching over me all this while. I don't know how I'll do for the test, but I do know, that God has given all of us a wonderful mind, whose sole purpose is to understand His. Whether it is by physics, literature, music or math, we see His creation. His beauty in nature, His nature in literature, His logic in math, His amazing symmetry in physics.
Thank you God, and thank you Dr. Donahue for not making it so hard to see the wondrous beauty that is all around us.

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