For Want of Simplicity

Just came back from the informational job interview. To think I was really excited about it. It took the people there a good hour before they told us the job. I felt a little funny when we were half an hour in and still talking about the money.
I thank God that the decision wasn't made more difficult for me. I had wanted to go back home to help out in the church camp. Didn't want to rule out this option, so I went for this informative session. They wanted us to sell student handbooks – sort of like school notes for American students who are in high-school. That's definitely one thing I cannot sell. I wasn't even educated here, let alone know the stuff in those books. I don't know about the Constitution, or who the past Presidents were.
Maybe I'll never get used to America. It's not that I don't like it – I do. I had to fill up a form during the session, and the questions went like "what is your greatest strength?" or " what do you consider your greatest accomplishment?" Maybe I'm too Asian to sell myself so bluntly. For the question "what do you think you can develop to enable you to attain success in your life?" I scribbled down "more Godliness".
I guess I want to live the idealistic kind of life Louisa May Alcott wrote about in "Little Women". A life so full of innocence, so full of life. Sigh. It almost feels like I long for the life I never had.

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