Old School Rivalry

I'm sitting here and my voice is hoarse. No, it's not the flu bug. I just came back from a basketball game between Arizona State and my school, the University of Arizona. There's been an ongoing rivalry between these two schools in terms of athletics, so you would expect some of the loudest screaming you've ever heard at games between these two.
Walking through those doors was like going to a surprise party. There were thousands in the stadium, and you couldn't tell until you stepped through those doors. The myriad of red, blue and white was a deafening noise to the eyes. When the game started and our players came unto the court, the crowd rose from their seats, and I held my breath. It was as if a giant had woken. I've never been to the Kallang Stadium in Singapore as soccer never really was a sport I followed. The roar of the Arizona Wildcats was something to behold. When the ASU (Arizona State University) players stepped on court, they looked intimidating in their gold uniforms, like gladiators ready for battle. The Wildcats played really well from the start though, and it wasn't till some time when ASU scored their first points.
It was a good game (We won). Despite getting a high on the euphoria of being on the winning side, I got a clearer picture of how competition has made us less than what we should be. Eddie House, Arizona State's top scorer, was booed and the target of many a vulgarity. He did nothing wrong, just playing his game. "Unity" would make people aggressive. No one likes to lose. I feel the unity of course, being from the school, but I cannot turn away from the fact that what happened was as senseless and unjustified as racial discrimination. Sports is ugly. I've always thought that sportsmanship was inseparable from sports, but I guess I'm wrong. That's why we have sportsmanship awards – it's that rare a lot of the time. I am not totally depressed, I had a good Saturday. It may sound lofty, but I have hopes for mankind, that we may see through the civil strife, and focus on the problems we face as one united people. I'll do what I can in my own small way, and we'll see, if it indeed is a better way than this.

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