Speaking the Same Language

My new roommate Kieron, has finally arrived. He's 24, and doing international architecture in UA for a month. It's funny to see how the people in the dorm cannot understand the English he speaks because of the English accent. I can hear him perfectly fine, and sometime interprets what he says for other people. I've to try to be quiet in the mornings when I wake, and sometimes my Asian tendency to be reserved takes over, and I lose the otherwise social behaviour I try to maintain. I guess sometimes I need some space. I shouldn't have any problem adapting, having come from the Singapore army, where living in close quarters meant having your face constantly in someone else's armpit. This should be a piece of cake. Nevertheless, I know I have to commit it all to God, rather than play the probabilities. We all know Murphy's law.
I received my English paper back today. I did better than expected, and I have a lot to thank God for. So far, my results have been good, and it's not because I strive hard to get them, but I like studying now. I walked home today from my science lab class, and I am convinced that the human mind is capable of understanding infinity, if not bogged down by obstacles like competition, conformism and laziness. I have learnt much since coming to school here. For those of you who think that school here is easier than Singapore, it's not. It's different, not in the fact that grades are easier to obtain, but a level of continuous learning is needed here. Back home it was the hit and run of the exams. Here the game is consistency.
I guess life is getting more diverse for me. English roommate, American environment, Chinese church. Doesn't get more diverse than this. I've learnt a lot of things I never knew I never knew, and I'll include them in my section sometime.
Anyone wants some tea and crumpets?

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