Sweet Fellowship

The most wonderful thing happened. I met Cheryl and Matthew online just now and we had a short time of wonderful fellowship. It's been so long since the three of us were together. Cheryl is now in Stanford, Matthew in the Singapore army, and I in Arizona. The weekends have always made me lonely and wanting for company, and God has so marvelously provided for me tonight. Tonight, I go to sleep under a blanket of warmth and love, knowing that God has given me brothers and sisters in His family whom I can depend on throughout my life. They're unlike classmates, which somehow fade away. They stay for good, knowing me inside out, encouraging me, rebuking me, teaching me and loving me.
I feel so blessed. I had a short chat with Ai as well. Even though we were half a globe apart, it felt the same as if I were sitting next to her and talking to her about work. I guess that's what happens when good friends meet. There's never the awkward silence, in its place, a peaceful loving silent embrace.
We all grew up together, sharing dreams. Now, many years have passed and our dreams still stay as they were, dreams, but we have changed with time. I only pray that time has been kind to us, changing us closer to what God wants us to be, rather than us being changed by the pressures of society and self-ambition. I hope for myself that I have not gone this dark path, where the insatiable greed for self-esteem takes over all which is noble and good. I know I face a real danger of that happening, and I ask that if you read this, and know me well enough, to offer me a warning once in a while to put me in my rightful place, as a servant, of no one but the Most High.

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