The Mountains Declare

It's a beautiful day today, and the sky is the most beautiful blue. I just returned from a gospel meeting, which which is somehow connected to my Dad's church in Singapore. They managed to contact me and even provided the transport for me to get to the meeting. It was amazing to see how the meetings were exactly the same, even half-way round the globe. It had the same feel to it, had the same format, sang the same songs. The best part is, there is no main officiating body that governs these two geographically separated meetings. There's no head church or person to say that this is the way meetings should be held. I guess God is the main person.
I felt weird amidst all the people I don't know. I had problems introducing myself. I don't even know how to pronounce my name. Is it "Lucian" with the Cian pronounced like magician? Or see-an? Never had to call myself before. I just told them they could call me either – as long as it got my head turning, they got it right.
My roommate came in today. I was sitting in my room, waiting the whole day, and he didn't turn up. I went to the meeting and came back to a room with the lights off (I usually leave them on). His bed was already made and clothes all on the dresser. He left me a note to say that he'd be back late and apologized if he would wake me up. So, I'd assume he's a nice guy, who is considerate. His name is Kieron, probably an easier name to pronounce than my own. It would sound like Karen if pronounced fast, but beats having a name that sounds like Lucy-Anne when you want to pronounce it clearly.
School starts tomorrow, and I have the weirdest of English papers to hand up. I have to critique an article on American politics. You'd imagine the amount of extra reading I have to go through just to know who's the right and left wing of the political arena, what they have been standing for, and their differences. It's much simpler in Singapore. I won't comment too much on that for fear of being sued (if you have any comments, you could email me).
Ah, the mountains glow with a deep auburn, shadowed ridges that resemble that of a face, a wise face that has gone through countless ages. I can see why the American Indians belong to the land – it even looks like them. How small I feel when I place myself beside all things large and great. It's puts my pride back into place.

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