A New Roomie

I went to First Southern Baptist Church again today. It seems a place I can fit in, and I might just choose to go there. I feel bad for not going to the church daddy picked for me over here, but I feel worse that I have to be ferried back and forth, because the venue is too far for me to cycle. It's funny that there are so many churches here with the name "First something something". Did they win first prize at a competition, or where they the first ones to set up a church?
Reading through my classmates' reviews of my English essay was kind of ego-boosting, but I know better than to be proud. What I have is from God, and I should be thankful instead. It did bring up a few questions though. One of my reviewers wrote that he hoped I was seriously considering a career in journalism. To be honest, it has been something I've wanted to do from a young age, but somehow never did trod that path. I also wanted to be a lawyer, though that was before I found out the words "good" and "lawyer" were seldom breathed in the same breath. Pilot…which I gave up after finding out I had a natural aversion to roller-coasters. Scientist…but I need human interaction, I can't be cooped up in a lab all day. Broadway singer…though I have a natural voice for the frog prince. Soldier, poet, counselor, social worker, teacher. These last few I know that I will always be, and it need not be my occupation.
My new roommate, whose name is Chun Lang, has on the table an alarm clock the size of a soccer ball. I only hope the windows don't shatter the morning it rings. It might be a good idea to wear my headphones to sleep. We've spoken quite a bit so far, and we get along well, though it lacks the natural camaraderie I found in Kieron. But well, to each man his own.
Oh I forgot to mention this…seems like the Hall personnel got the nationality of my roommate wrong again. Chun Lang is from Taiwan, not Japan, though some Americans think that all Asians look alike. It certainly is an improvement from the last time they told me Kieron comes from England to learn English as a second language here. For the longest time I was crossing my fingers, hoping his first language wasn't Latin. It was hilarious.
School starts tomorrow, and here comes another week of learning new things, and opening the windows of my mind. "The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun". In Arizona, that's a bet you're most likely to win. There is so much to thank God for.

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