A Return to Sanity

March Madness has ended for the city of Tucson. The Arizona Wildcats lost to the Wisconsin Badgers a few minutes ago. A whole year's work, many hopes and dreams were lost with the game. I personally felt a sense of loss. It's amazing how much hope we place on an activity that consists of putting a ball into a basket that leaks. Even now, I'm still feeling dazed and disoriented from the see-sawing of emotions that went on during the game. Hope I get it out of my system soon.
Zahid went to the Campus Health Center yesterday and found out that he fractured his foot. It's not a major fracture, but it's still a large impediment to everyday living. I'll do my best to take care of him, and I hope my own strength and patience doesn't wear out. Guess I have to rely on God's strength and patience. It was nice to see how his friends rallied around to take care of him, and in a way there was a certain unity.
I went to Mount Lemmon for a barbeque with some of the Singaporeans in Tucson today. There was no snow to be seen this time, or great chocolate pie to be had, but the scenery was beautiful nevertheless. The shadows falling off the rock faces formed an intricate jigsaw puzzle. The intake of greasy food and ultra-salty sausages is not something I like to do to my body, but it was nice to hear English spoken in the native Singaporean accent again. To reminiscence with fellow Singaporeans the food we miss, the places we like to go to, the food we miss….yes we miss the food a LOT.
Looking at some Singaporeans who've adopted the American accent over their own, I fear for myself. I'm afraid to lose the sense of who I am. I may speak with an American accent, but only to be understood by my American counterparts. To speak with an American accent to your own people…I feel that it would be a losing of identity…I may be wrong to say that. But it does bring up questions as to who I am, and who I want to be. It's still a question I have yet to find an answer for.

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