Bright and Cheery

I just got back my science test results today. I had expected to do very well for the test, but I guess I expect too much. I got a low A for this test and I know that I should be thankful, but a small sense of disappointment comes to me. I will look up. I will be thankful. I've always talked in my journals about studying for the love of discovery, and I'm not about to turn hypocritical on my own statements. I still love studying, and will try not to make it out to be a competition, though it's hard in our society not to.
It was a beautiful day today, though the sky was overcast. For what I think was the first time, there was some decent music playing on the mall. It was a great atmosphere. Rays of sun peeping through the holes in the thick cloud, people sitting on the mall listening to the music. You'll only get this in college, for that I am certain. In fact, I'm pretty adamant on being a college professor just to be able to work in such an environment. But I also believe that I need to work in the real world for a bit, because it's not right to teach the next generation solely based on theories and philosophies, without having seen it work in the real world.
I get awfully enthusiastic when I talk about teaching others. It has always been a high for me. It's not an assertion of authority or superiority, but it's a marvelous feeling to see their eyes light up when they finally understand something. I've always got compliments or comments from others that I'd make a good teacher, but I've to go figure out what God wants me to do with this gift.
My roommate is moving out tomorrow to his assigned room. He was staying here on a temporary basis because he came really unexpectedly. It was nice talking to him and brushing up my mandarin, but after I found out that he'd save near three hundred if he stayed in another dorm for the one and a half months he would be here, I persuaded him to save the money. UA isn't all that large. I promised to be around if he needed anything. Like Kieron, he called me the perfect roommate. I guess it's just because I don't live up to their worst nightmares of what a roommate might be. I'm thankful for their compliments. I certainly hope to be a good host. Maybe I could consider a career in hospitality…..

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