Christmas in March

It rained cold rain tonight, and it reminded me of Christmas time in Singapore, where the rains would wet the streets at night, falling in large heavy drops that were icy cold to the touch. I spoke to Weihua, a Malaysian who hangs out with the Singaporeans here. We were intending to book airline tickets home, and that is what it is – I'm coming home soon. It's weird isn't it? I've always wanted to go to another part of the world and experience new cultures and lifestyles, and when I finally do, I miss my own. I even fear going home with an acquired accent, which would most probably be the root of jokes. Oh, whatever. To step on the soil I grew up on will be a good feeling.
I read up on my science book just now, and I'm amazed at how much there is in there that I've always wanted to know. The relationship between magnetism and electricity, how sine waves are found in every aspect of creation – sound waves, light waves, even matter. Amazing. It's not easy to plough through the knowledge accumulated by an humankind throughout history, but it only goes to show that we have only scratched the surface.
My new roommate sleeps a LOT. He was sleeping when I came back from class at six, and it's midnight now, and he's sound asleep. I guess I should be heading to bed too. Goodnight all of you. May the Lord watch over you as you sleep.

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