Cultural Differences in Giving

Again I apologise for my tardiness in updating this entry. I just finished a one thousand five hundred word paper for my English class. It was a long essay about the one topic you find ever so often in my journals – the topic of competition and how it affects the entire of humankind in the most detrimental way.
It's funny though, that as I'm so impassioned about the need to remove competition from our society, I also have one eye on the Arizona-Stanford game on the television set in my neighbour's room. We WON!!! We beat the number one team twice!!! I know….with all my conviction I still get a high belonging to a winning team. I hope to find the equilibrium where I can find my peace someday.
Sigh…I just got into an argument with Silas, who lives right next to me. He comes in a lot of the time, hoping to play a computer game on my computer. Most of the times I'm ok with it, but with the recent workload, I guess I haven't been as nice as I'd like to be. While it's logical that I need my space, and that it's alright for me to expect that of Silas, I find myself ashamed of not being as "nice" as I'd like to be.
I guess it's a different culture in America that I have yet to get used to. I see Andy jumping on Kieron's bed, and I told him that we never ever do that back home. Silas comes into my room to get some milk, I told him he couldn't because Kieron paid for the milk this time round. I would be totally fine with it if I paid. Andy and Silas then told me that in America, it's the other way round. It should be ok with me because I didn't pay for it, and not ok with me if I did. I don't think I could ever do that, and I hope I'll never learn.
Spring break is coming up, and already some of the people here have left to see family, or go on vacations. I'm almost done with homework due after Spring break and I hope I'll find something to do. Zahid, who is an international student from India, has been someone I've been trying to take care of this whole time. He's been feeling depressed and down, after a break up with his girlfriend and away from home for the first time. I've applied to share a dorm with him next year. I hope everything will go fine. There are some cultural differences between us, but we're still Asian in thinking.
For those of you who have been reading my journals. I would like to tell all of you that I appreciate your interest, and I hope that my journals have been somewhat enlightening and interesting. It is an interactive experience, so I do hope that if you have any thoughts from reading it, you'll email me, and it'll affect my next journal entry, because you affected my life etc.
I have to go. It's late. Maybe I'll let Silas sneak in just one game. Am I too nice?

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