Doggone No More!

It has been a totally uneventful Sunday. I was too lazy even to go to the nearby market by bicycle. I slept quite a bit today, taking a pretty long nap after a lunch packed with carbohydrates. Good thing I play basketball often enough to prevent obesity.
After speaking to Faith this morning, I found out that Shaggy is ALIVE!!!!!!!! She's still at home, plodding away! My family apparently couldn't bring themselves to put her to sleep. In a way I'm so thankful, but the question about whether she's suffering or not still hasn't been answered. I'd rather let God make the decision than myself. I don't even want to think about euthanasia. I can't even make the decision for a dog, let alone a human being. I know that God knows all, and should leave those decisions to Him. He knows what is best after all.
I printed out some soccer news for Kieron, and he was overjoyed. He left me a note "Lucian – You're a STAR! Thank you very much for the print-outs!" Well, the little things we can do to make each other's lives a little more bearable.
I'm still looking for a church that I can attend. Having been in Changi Christian Assembly for so much of my life, it's hard to adapt to another church, and it's a very important choice that will affect my life. I did write about the Chinese church that I attended, and though I felt most comfortable there, it's difficult to serve in a church where my language skills are less than proficient. Maybe it's God's way, I have yet to know. Do keep me in prayer for this aspect.
I downloaded a whole lot of music MP3s, all songs from the 80s, that I haven't heard since my childhood. It brings back so many memories of time spent with my nanny's children. It is a time that affected me profoundly, and the music brings me back right into the thoughts I had back then. I think of little children now and wonder what their thoughts might be, and realise that we give them too little credit for their depth of thought.
Faith told me about Erick's problems in the music ministry he's involved in at school. It's hard to coordinate so many people to serve the Lord. A few words of encouragement came to me when I heard about his problems though. We must realise that when we chose to serve, we gave up ourselves to the Lord. "He who loses his life for My sake shall find it", so Jesus said. It's not a literal death He was speaking about, but a deeper one. The bible is so full of paradoxes. When we give our lives to the Lord, we actually find it, and realise that we never were alive at all. When we serve the Lord, we cannot let ourselves get in the way. It's not easy I admit, but with God all things are possible.

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