Home is Where His Heart Is

I just got off the phone after a most wonderful one hour talk with Faith. The prepaid phone cards here are really cheap, and it's definitely worth paying a little for such a beautiful time. We spoke about things the happenings back in Singapore, and my general day, which was good.
I went to a new church today. The First Southern Baptist Church. It's funny how everyone wants to be first. 🙂 I had a good time of learning during their Sunday school lesson and I think I'll go there for now, or until God gives me clear indication where to go. I also cycled to Tucson Mall, which was a long way from Campus. I had initially thought it impossible, and this minor accomplishment was sort of like a small conquest for me. Now I feel that my bicycle can pretty much take me anywhere, and there's a sense of freedom. I'm not about to try cycling to Chicago quite yet.
Faith told me that the young people (people around my age) seem to be fading away from Church back home. I feel a sense of sadness. I'm still so very attached to the brothers and sisters I've grown up with, and even though physically distant, there's so much I wish I could do. There I go again, thinking I can solve problems of a higher realm on my own. I know that unless the Lord Jesus Christ move them Himself, no one can. I can sympathise with them. I missed church a few weeks ago, and I must admit that it was tempting to miss it again. To be able to sleep in, laze around, generally have the whole day to oneself was a luxury I haven't had in some time. I forced myself to get up today, and I thank God I did. Because there is so much God wants to show us if we'd put aside the time for Him to do just that.
Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Changi, please do not fall into the trap I did. There is life in the body of Christ, and because you are the body of Christ you should exhibit the life. The end is coming when being a follower of Christ will become a hard title to live up to, and if we were to fall now, what would we be later? I love you all very very much. Please do not stop fighting the good fight. I need you all, to encourage me, to guide me, to keep me in the body. Let not the decay of the world get into you, for you are a new creation. The old is gone! The new has come. Be not a dog that goes back to its vomit, but be the salt and light of the world. Satan prowls like a roaring lion, waiting to devour us. We need to be alert and be steadfast. I'm depending on you because we are one body. May God be with us all.
To Him be all glory, wisdom and power. Forever, through His people.

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