It was amazing how fast

It was amazing how fast the rains came today. It was so bright and sunny in the morning, and yet it took less than an hour for it all to disappear. That's how uncertain life is. We never really can tell what is going to happen.
The school came alive again. All the colour that was missing during spring break flowed out of classrooms, buildings, eateries. UA is not the place or the institution, but the students that make up this one huge living learning organism.
Going back to class was an ambivalent feeling. I was happy that I had a good routine going again, yet the freedom of time without obligation was nice. I only wish I had made better use of it. Sitting there, doing math, the brain felt alive again. There's still so much to learn, so much to see and know. I'm starting to worry over grades and stuff, but I know I shouldn't. I guess it's the pressure of keeping the UA scholarship that gets to me. I don't want to burden my parents financially, and at the same time, I fear so much of becoming a result-orientated, life-blind person. That would defeat the purpose of education, or even life.

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