Living the New Life

The parcels my sister sent finally arrived. I unwrapped them with a certain anticipation. I usually approach new computer games with more excitement, but this time it was just that thought that this parcel was wrapped by my sister's own hand, with her own handwriting that touched my heart. To see Singapore stamps upon the label and know exactly what the scene in the post office looked like the moment the parcel was mailed (it's always the same) seemed to bring new emotions I've seldom or never felt before.
I just came off a long six hour study session. Spent the first one hour teaching Sean mathematics. When the term began, I made it a point to teach those who needed, and wanted to know. Though gratifying in its own way, it's also an energy-consuming task. I felt the temptation to decline Sean and use the time to study for my coming science test, or even sneak in a game of basketball at the rec. I thank God I didn't do that. I know that I've been an undeserving recipient of grace, and should live with that sort of gratitude. What sort of Christian would I be, when I let a fellow human live in need, pretending that it didn't matter? Too many "Christians" are quick to proclaim their faith, yet slow to show their works. It has resulted in a lot of resentment towards Christians in general. I still remember Pattie's initial reaction to my post on the Arizona Wildcat, our school newspaper. She stopped reading the moment she read the word "bible" and responded with defensiveness. I can understand why. We as Christians have failed to be the "light of the world" or the "salt of the earth" as we are called to be. Instead we simply walk around with a name tag bearing the words "Christian", whilst never changing our destination in life, or our purpose.
I know the words I say are not easy to swallow, but I say them more to myself than to anyone. I am guilty of so many of these. The times I walk past a homeless man asking for change, or decline a cry for help. That should not be the way to live. Remember the parable of the sheep and the goats. But also remember this, that we do it not out of fear, but we do it because we are a new creation – the old has gone, the new has come. Do pray for me, that I may in my time here add a new dimension to the beauty of this wonderful place.

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