Looking Eastward

Time really flies. It's Thursday again and the dawn of another weekend. I just returned from my Science lectures and still in a state of brain drain and awe. We studied the behaviour of waves and how they are prevalent in every single aspect of the universe we live in. I also discovered that white light is made up of the interference of different coloured lights. I don't think I can ever be a scientist, I just don't have the persistence to pursue, though the interest and curiosity is there.
I'm one who has never found mathematics to be particularly interesting. Back home in Singapore we learnt it through hours and hours of practice and memorisation, and I guess back then my interest kinda got killed. Here I have lots of time to ponder of it, slowly examine it, and finally understand how it applies in our daily lives. I used to think that if I could calculate the amount of change I got from buying a hot dog, that would be enough to tide me through life. Little did I know that trigonometry, the branch of mathematics I found most useless, was a language used to describe everything we see, hear, touch and feel. I'm not about to think about becoming a mathematician, but I thank God that I see so much more clearly now.
It's nice to know that in a few months I'll be home with family and friends. Lucianna, a classmate from my English class will be visiting Singapore for twelve whole days in summer. I'd be most happy to show her around, though it would probably take a day and a half to see the whole of Singapore. Maybe we could go on foot rather than the bus. Even then, we should be done in a week. Singapore is small, but it is home. I often go on the Internet Chat rooms and hear Singaporeans talk about how they want to leave the "darned place" for greener pastures (also known as USA). They don't know what they have right there. In a way, when you lose a sense of belonging to the place you were brought up, you lose a sense of identity in yourself. The place does kinda defines who one is. Dearest Singapore, leave your lights on for me, I'll be home in a bit.

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