March Madness!

It's amazing how much you can put in one day if you're just willing to wake up a little earlier. I cut my hair today, played four hours of basketball, did some readings due for next week, did some grocery shopping. Had a fine day in all.
March madness has hit Tucson, and even though the students aren't back from Spring Break, there is the hustle and bustle of families, high school kids, and LOTS of traffic. For those of you who don't know what March Madness is, it's the time when the basketball teams of 64 colleges vie for the NCAA championship. They have to win every match to progress to the next round. Like someone at the gym told me, "you lose at the dance, you go home". The fever is in the air. Though the city of Tucson largely supports the Arizona Wildcats, we do see the occasional Tar Heel tee-shirt, or UConn, even Duke. To wear anything emblazoned ASU (Arizona State University) would be putting a bounty on your head. Tucson is Wildcat land. I've even seen tee-shirts that have a list of ten reasons "Why I go to the U of A". Some of them go "U of A looks better on the butt of my shorts than ASU", or "the wildcat is a symbol of nature's beauty, while the Sun Devil (ASU's mascot) strongly convinces me that the school advocates devil worship". The list goes on.
Spring break is coming to an end, and it's time once again to pack the schoolbags and go to war. I don't particularly look forward to it, nor do I have any adverse feelings about starting school. It's one step closer to going home.
The Tucson sky shines with the light of many stars. I may just go to the planetarium tonight for a glimpse of Saturn. Goodnight you all. Sleep well.

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