My American Neighbours

I apologise if some of you have come to my website hoping for an update. It came pretty late today. Mondays are my longest days, but today the three hour science lab lesson was cancelled. I think Jennifer may have gone down with the flu. I'm hoping not. They sure have one colossal flu bug here.
Just came back from the recreation center after a game of basketball. It was a good time today, not just because we won, but because we were comfortable. I figured that attitudes were contagious, and I tried my best to show good attitude, and it rubbed off. I made it a point not to get mad or show disappointment with my teammate's mistakes, and I worked hard on the court. When the element of competition is taken away from the game, people play better just solely concentrating on the task at hand, that is getting the ball into the hoop, rather than dominating others.
The skies have been grey the entire day, pouring down an endless barrage of rain. I don't think it has rained so much for a long time. Even the students that have been here for a long time are surprised at the amount of water. It's not even the monsoon season yet, that's in June and July. Kieron, an architecture major, told me how the streets were not meant for such weather, and had insufficient drainage to lead the water away. Huge puddles formed everywhere. I had to wade through small lakes to get to the recreation center. Good thing I bought my waterproof nikes a long time ago. So with dry feet, a warm sweater and track pants, I write this before I sleep with a tummy full of pizza. It has been a good day, blest by God, and I am thankful.
Andy, my neighbour, sits beside me as I type this out, trying hard to study his chemistry, intermittently broken by chit-chat. He has been a good companion, and seems mature beyond his years. Silas, on the other hand, it quite the opposite. The gun-toting, trash-talking guy on cyberspace, playing shooting games online, he comes across as what we at home would classify as American. Brash and full of haughty words. It is so wrong to stereotype, and I mean anybody, because in doing that we have failed to see the depth of a person, the entirety of character. Silas, though full of youthful energy, is very much a man in the making, figuring out the world for himself. I am blessed to be in contact with these two fine young men, and in some ways I hope to influence them positively, and in other ways I hope to learn some things from them.
Spring break comes next week, and I have seven whole days to fill with activity. I have something planned for Tuesday, as I am required to introduce myself, my country and my viewpoint of Arizona. I don't know yet what to say, there's been so much I learn, about this foreign land, about the world in which we live, about God, and most of all about myself. I hope not to have bored you in endless repetitive chatter, but the magnitude of knowledge to be found is awesome. It is my hope that some of my enthusiasm rubs off on you, that you too might be awed by the wonderful creation that is around us, and that somehow you may look into the eyes of the Creator, who loves us so much.

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