No Man is an Island

I decided to do some work due next week today. It didn't take me as long as I thought it would. Spent the rest of the day at the recreation center, playing seven hours of basketball and one hour of table tennis. Yup, I'm aching but it feels good.
Zahid sprained his ankle real bad just as I was about to go home. He refused to go to the doctor, apparently fearing the many horror stories he heard. Where from, I do not know. Anyway, we managed to persuade him, as the ankle did not seem to get better.
While I was carrying him from the car to the dorm, I was reminded of my time in the army, when we performed the same thing on our buddies. The fireman's lift was used to carry your buddy to safety should he get injured. I think it's then we discover how much we need to depend on each other. Zahid depended on me today, but I was brought to remember the many that have carried me in my life. My parents, my two sisters, my cousin Matthew, my brother in Christ Erick, and the many, many others. Most recent of them would probably be Pattie and Sarah, whom I've never met, but whose emails fill me with hope, with joy and with friendship. I do so need friendship here.
I've always been comfortable alone, so I thought. I've never been the social animal, or the talkative child. I never felt a need for anyone in my life. That was because they were always there. Now here in Arizona alone, I miss the very ones whom I've depended on without even knowing it. Yusman and Haresh, my two closest buddies in the army. We used to go for movies on Tuesday when the ticket prices were lower. I miss them in a weird way. They are from different races – Yusman is Malay and Haresh is Indian. They are from different educational backgrounds. Yet somehow we've found a place in each other. We went through hell and high water together, never giving up simply to be there for the other. These are friends I want to keep for the rest of my life. They were the ones who helped me through National Service.
I thank God for the so many of you who have been there for me at any one point in my life. Thank you, mom and dad for being there. I'm sorry if it seemed that I never did need you, or appreciate you. I know now how much I've had, and how much awaits for me in your arms when I get home.

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