The Melancholy of Stars

"The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom's dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun." These optimistic words uttered by the young girl Annie in the musical of the same name have often given most of us hope. The sun did rise in the Tucson skies today, after a good break of almost three days. With the rains, there was snowfall in the nearby mountains, and some innovative college kids drove up to the mountains in the morning, brought down a truckload full of snow, and snowmen started appearing on campus grounds. It's almost hilarious. Little snowmen standing by the road, in front of buildings, where everyone was certain no snow had fallen to the ground. Dressed in little scarves and some having AA sized batteries for eyes, it was a comical sight. Too bad it didn't last as long as we hoped.
The weather's still cold out here, and I'm wearing quite a bit more than usual. We were so cocky about signing a form to turn off the heat two months ago, many of us pretty sure the winter was oh so mild. Guess the winter just decided to pay a visit later. Now, shivering in our sweatpants, we are only thankful that the form we signed to turn ON the air-conditioning was only half-filled. BBBrrrrrr…..
There's a certain melancholy in my heart tonight. The poet Neruda's poem comes to mind "I write the saddest verses tonight. Write for example, 'the night sky is full of stars…'". I have nothing to be sad about, yet this melancholy hangs about me like a dark shroud. I suppose it's because Spring break is coming. It's one week without school, and for me, without friends who will be going back to Phoenix, and without my family or loved ones to visit and to hold. I've ordered some DVDs from and got a few books to tide me through this week. That should do the trick, I hope.
I could write the saddest verses tonight, but I won't. For in Him I have so much I do not deserve. I close mine eyes, and He takes me for a walk, through His boulevard of stars. And there, may I see everything clearly.

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