A Million Lives; Two Pounds of Turkey

Just read through the requirements for the next English paper I have to write. I have always found English to be a wonderful medium of expression, and I love the little intricacies of a perfectly used word. Solomon said in his proverbs, "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver".
I begin to recall the people who heard my voice in writing and developed them. My love for literature first started when I was thirteen. I have always been a really lazy student, and never did my homework, EVER. My literature teacher threatened me, saying that unless I handed in one year's worth of homework in the next two weeks, I would be unable to take the final exam. I stayed up every single night, reading and doing the exercises. Needless to say, I got an A for the exam. It was then I realised how much I actually loved reading and feeling for the characters. A book was not just a book or story, it was a whole new world that I could explore. I believed then, and still believe, that we are able to live a million lifetimes, if we read a million books. We would have seen a million different worlds, lived in different towns, assumed different identities. Got spurned by love, found true love. Saved the innocent, became a villain. Lived the life of a slave, enjoyed the life of a Don. Wouldn't we then understand each other a little better? Wouldn't we then see that we all do things with a good reason for most of the time, and understand the other who seems bent on making our lives difficult by the decisions they make? Would we be better people, having seen through a million different eyes?
The school cafeteria had a huge turkey leg for $1.25 yesterday. Emmitt and I felt it was a steal, and bought the remaining two. Over-indulgence is a mistake I have been taught so many, many times, but never ever learnt. Tried playing basketball with two pounds of turkey in my tummy. It just felt so ewww. There's no way to describe it. Fleshy? Meaty? Carnivorous? Well, remind me next time never to jump in and bite more than I can chew. God provides abundantly, but greed and gluttony are another thing altogether.
A few people prone to racist speech have come into the Internet channel #poetry, where I am an operator. I cannot condone such speech, and I do not believe in speech being free. It is not free, meaning that there are consequences to the words we say, and we should be responsible with them. How can we blindly slander another in total ignorance, and claim freedom? I still do not understand the colossal amount of importance the people here place on free speech. While it is a fundamental right, I believe that freedom has its boundaries. Freedom is only freedom when we do not trespass the freedom of others.

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