A Quantum Leap of Faith

*laughs* I know that yesterday's entry was nothing short of nonsensical, and that it only makes sense to me, and even then, only at times. Dreams are such weird things which in themselves hold deep emotion and meaning, yet no logic. Maybe Ronald is right, Heaven is not understandable by human minds.
Yesterday was the last day of my science lab for this semester. Time really passes by so quickly. I remember first groaning about how this three hour lab was only worth one credit – a bad investment so to speak. Now I look back at the many things I have learnt from using my own hands and applying these abstract science formulae into usable everyday context. I have a photo on my desk taken with a pinhole camera we made on Monday. It is beautiful in its simplicity, and its shades of grey give it an arty look. Also on my desk is a small engine that runs on batteries. I hope to amaze some children one of these days, maybe even my own in the not-so-faraway future. To open their minds, and tell them that learning is so much more than making the grade.
Managed to do quite a bit of work tonight, reliving the scientific discoveries of the early 1900s. The discovery of the electron, the dual nature of light and quantum mechanics. It was a time when people were just about to proclaim "now with Newton's laws we can pretty much explain everything". Boy were they so wrong. In quantum mechanics there even exists an uncertainty principle by some scientist whose name is too long to remember. It's simply a principle that says, "we have given up trying to measure everything – the electron is there, where exactly we do not know, but it is". This is accepted as sound scientific principle. Why then, do so many people doubt the existence of God, when the evidence is right smack in their faces, is right smack THEIR faces? We will see Him face to face one day. Maybe then, and only then, will everyone believe.

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