Burger Rivalry

Had a pretty interesting encounter today. Andy (my dorm mate) and I were going to McDonald's for dinner when the guy working there just decided to lock the door on seeing us climb up the stairs. We arrived at 7:58pm, and I assume the closing time was 8pm. It was one of the rudest gestures I've seen. The two people three steps ahead of us got in though.
When we went to Burger King at 9:18pm later on, wanting to try the Caesar Chicken burger, we found out the closing time was 9pm for weekends. As we were walking away, the manager came out and told us we could use the drive-through if there weren't any cars in the driveway. He also threw in some onion rings, and gave us extra large chicken patties. All this for 99 cents per burger.
On receiving the most wonderful gift, Andy and I joked about whether we should send the burgers for lab testing, to test for toxic chemicals or things of that sort. It's sad to see that nowadays when we encounter someone mean, we shrug our shoulders and walk away, but when we encounter someone nice, we doubt the person's sincerity. It wasn't too long ago mean people were the exception to the rule.
I only hope I do not get too discouraged with the way the world has changed around us.

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