Dry Heat

Whoever said dry heat was better was definitely writing that in an air-conditioned room. The weather is turning hot here, and it sizzles when I'm in the sun in the afternoon. It's a different heat from the sticky, humid heat back home, but it's not any better, that I can assure you.
The analogy that comes to mind is like a piece of bacon frying. In hot humid Singapore, it would be like the piece of bacon pan fried with lots of oil. In hot dry Arizona, it's like the same piece of bacon pan fried without oil. I don't know much about cooking, but I know I put a little oil to fry my eggs so that the eggs won't stick to the pan, and won't turn black on me as fast. Well, as long as I stay in the comfort of air-conditioned rooms, I should be fine.
Did my laundry today, and I did something stupid. Leave a piece of tissue paper in my pocket you say? Been there done that. First time I did my laundry, I threw in my jeans with a whole PACK of tissue paper. This time it wasn't tissue paper. I often carry a small notebook around in case I need to write down stuff. What to do, who to call, phone numbers of friends, important places etc. Well…there goes the notebook. When I took my clothes out of the dryer I found pieces and pieces of paper. So if you're reading this and I used to have your phone number, I don't anymore.
I await the start of a new week. Time flies fast.

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