End of a March

Wow, another month has just flown by. It's also Friday, the end of another week. I watched the movie "Contact" today. It was a wonderful movie, and it was such a good depiction of what faith is to the human being. It is something we really cannot prove to another, yet is as equally real as what we can see, smell and touch. I also watched Les Miserables on DVD. As you can tell, I had a swell day.
I guess Les miz will always steal my heart away. Tears formed in my eyes hearing Fantine's song "I dreamed a dream", Marius' "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables", Eponine's "On My Own" and "Little Fall of Rain", and so many other songs. I've heard it so many times before and it still grips me with the same force. It is such a beautiful story.
I posted a new message on the Wildcat Online. One of the writers wrote about how ridiculous it was that some people wanted to make it against the law to burn the flag. I was so utterly appalled at the lack of sensitivity and unity. The writer wrote, I paraphrase – that the country is great because its citizens have the right to burn the flag. I certainly hope no one in Singapore has that kind of loyalty. It's funny how I got so agitated by this article when I'm not an American, nor intend to be one. My blood boils even now to think about it.
Someone left an empty flask with a label "Ebola Virus" near the Science Library. It caused a huge commotion and even the FBI came down to investigate. Turns out that it was a premature April fool's day prank. Sigh…that's where the taxpayer's money is going.
I shall end here tonight, and I bid you all sweet dreams.

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