Food for Mind and Body

Spent pretty much the whole day doing homework, leaving my room only for toilet breaks. I don't remember ever being so enthusiastic about homework ever. My parents can bear witness that I never ever did my homework for the most part of my life. I got caned on my hands, made to spend recess at the teachers' room doing homework, made to stand in front of everyone, and yet still produced no homework. I try to remember my reasons, so that should my children turn out like me, I'd have an answer for that day. I guess it was largely because I saw no obvious reasons why I should spend good childhood days labouring over problems someone else already had the answer to in the teachers' guide. The excuse "it's going to help you during your exams" just wasn't good enough. What were exams, except a never ending series of already answered questions?
Today I do my homework to tune my mind, preparing it for the day I face the problems no one has the answers yet for. Isn't it amazing how we're supposed to study what took geniuses to discover? Teenagers are reading what baffled all of humankind a few hundred years ago in the area of science. So, come to think of it, we never did learn all that much did we? The human mind is so infinite, yet so finite. It's all relative. It's infinite to the ignorant, and finite when placed in front of the universe, or even multiverses before us. Money is relative…the more money you have in your pocket, the more relatives you have in your family.
Had dinner with a fellow Singaporean this evening. Spoke the whole time in Chinese, and it felt good to hear it spoken back in the familiar accent. It's amazing how much of Singaporean talk is centered on food. The food we miss, the best food we've had, the best and worse places. If we took away food from our conversations, Singaporeans would be really silent people. Oh, we'd participate in the universal act of complaining about our government. It's the same everywhere.

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