Friends: Need or Want?

I apologise if any of you came here yesterday to find no journal entry. I was till late trying to finish my English paper. It's a load of my shoulders, and I celebrated it by going to the gym today.
I often wonder about the many brief friends I have made of IRC, as to how they're now doing. Friends that I helped tide over rough patches of their lives. Maybe it's my fault for not having kept up the relationship, but relationships are so easily broken when the computer is the only form of communication. One party just has to stop using IRC, and the entire relationship just disappears. I hope that the few on my mind, especially Lindt, are fine and doing well. I wish I had some means of contacting her. The only information I had was destroyed in the laundry a few days ago.
Someone on IRC said that we don't need friends. We only need acquaintances to tide us through that temporary need. I may not need, but I really do want friends that I can sit down with, sipping my coffee, looking at our grandchildren and talking about the good old days.
Spoke to Justin about affairs that matter more to us. He's taking his studies very seriously, and did confess to not finding joy in any of them. I fear for him, for he cannot possibly go on an entire lifetime not enjoying what he does. Then again, many of us do that, don't we? Smell the flowers I say, and life will be that much sweeter. It is a gift from God, and like many gifts we have received, we have also made into a burden. Let us dwell in the joy of it all.
Reading the bible last night, I came by a passage that was most enlightening. The priests wanted Peter and the Apostles killed because their influence was great among the Israelites. Then one man stood up and said (paraphrased) "so many leaders have risen and fallen, and their followers have scattered. If what Peter and the Apostles say is from human knowledge, it too will pass away. If what they say is from God, no man can stop it". The moment I read this I thought about Pattie, and how she seeks the truth. I know that someday the truth will come to her, but I hope and pray that she'll not avoid the bible because of Christians. We often fail to live up to what we are called to be, yet so many boldly proclaim "superiority" to others. Sigh. When will we learn that humility was one of the first traits Jesus showed. In his birth in a manger, away from the crowds.

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