God of Hamburgers

Ronald asked in the guest book how we knew which God was God. In my last entry I was just amazed at the people who could with all firm conviction say that there is no God. As to which God is real, the debate continues, and it is something you can only find out on your own, and for yourself. I relate well to the movie "Contact". It doesn't shove the idea of God in your face. In fact, it never even did conclude that. But it did establish that there are things we simply take by faith. There are things scientific empirical evidence cannot prove. The more I learn, the more I'm aware that I do not know.
Went to Gentle Ben's for the first time tonight. Kieron used to go there every night for a drink with his friends. I went there with Derek and Emmitt, and was told that the food there was good value for money. I have never eaten a burger that big. Thank God I was in the carnivorous mood, after playing some basketball.
This week's tough. I still have a test tomorrow and two papers due Friday. I enjoy the work, as it gives me an outlet to express myself, but too much work is also a dampener of the spirit. I hope Singapore learns this fact soon. Our children are carrying schoolbags larger than themselves.
Well I had better be heading back to my work.

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