Happily Ever After

Just finished watching Notting Hill, which I purchased on DVD. I guess one could call me a sentimental fool, often watching heart-wrenching and tear-inducing movies over and over again. The high from being involved in the euphoria of first-found love, and the melancholy tug of a heart broken are two things that just seem to keep me coming back. A lot of people I know have told me that it's not the same when a relationship goes into time. There are no more fireworks, no more suspense and they conclude that there is no more love or feeling. I can remember the first time I held Faith's hand in mine. It drove little sparks up my fingertips, to know that I was finally holding the hand of the girl I had loved since I was nine. It's a different feeling now, and one could be right to say that there is no longer the blast of fireworks to blind the eye, but in its place is an intimacy that is equally wondrous. "So close that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so close that when you close your eyes, I fall asleep", so wrote Neruda. It's all in the small things – the light of her smile, the warmth of her hand….the eyes – the beautiful eyes where I see another living breathing being that now looks upon me with equal fascination.
Notting Hill warmed my heart to see the story of two people who chose to live their lifetimes together. The bench in the garden was engraved with "To June, who loved the garden, and Joseph, who always sat beside her". The sparks and the fireworks all fade away, but to have your loved one lay her head on your lap as you read a book….wow.

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