I Love To Hear The Story

Went to church today. There was the ongoing discussion on the book of Revelations. This is probably the hardest book, because it writes about things that have yet to happen. Everything is in such vivid imagery, and subject to interpretation. There is no use trying to predict when Jesus will return, like so many people in our time have done. If He said that He'll come like a thief when no one expects it, that's what it is. The question was asked what would you like most about Heaven?
I can just imagine it. All the saints from all time gathered together around, sharing their own individual stories, every tale woven with God's grace and mercy. It's not the foundation of the new city that's made up of twelve types of precious stones that impresses me, even though it is stunning to see someone build an entire city on twelve layers of precious stones. It is the saints. The ones who came before us, and showed us the way. The ones who were willing to endure till the end. The old song goes "oh I want to be in that number…when the saints go marching in". I really don't deserve to, living the kind of life I live. But the invitation is extended to all of us, and whosoever heeds the call is received into the joy of the Lord. I need to get a few good stories of my own to trade on that never-ending day. Of Jesus and His glory, of Jesus and His love.

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