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Mood Swings

A certain melancholy fell upon me this evening, and it took me a while before I realised what had affected me so. Faith was in a bad mood this morning, and I just felt so alone at the beginning of the weekend. I just spoke to her on the phone a few moments ago, and she was back to her normal chirpy mood. I was so thankful. It really had brightened up my life.
To hear her laugh and smile is something I don't think I'll ever get tired of. After the short time on the phone, I felt the strength come back to me. I even went to the gym to find some solace in basketball, and somehow my mood affected my game. I left after a few short games which I played badly. Thank God everything is fine now. I'll try putting the ball into the hoop again tomorrow.
Dearest Faith, I do miss you a lot. You've been so much a part of my life, bearing with me for the past eight years – loving me, caring for me, praying for me. I know that God has brought us together, and there's such an immense joy I get when I know that our relationship is pleasing in His eyes. I really cannot thank Him, or thank you enough for making my life so much more bearable, so much more joyful. *Hug* Thank you for everything. Thank God for everything.

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