Open My Eyes That I May See

"Open his eyes to Your hand". This was what my uncle prayed for me over the phone a few moments ago. Indeed God's hand has been most gracious to me. My uncle called to make sure everything was going ok here, and we spoke for a bit. He told me about his childhood and I learnt more about my mother as well. I've never known very much about my family beyond my parents and siblings. It's nice to hear that it sometime in the past all of them were like us.
Mom has certainly changed quite a bit these few years. I remember her as high strung, always screaming at me because I never did my homework. Doing homework just never made much sense to me at that time, I never knew how I was ever going to use it. Mom was also in jobs where she had to work like a horse, literally grinding the axe day by day. I'm glad that she has finally found a job she finds great happiness in. She's become more temperate and seems to have found contentment. She certainly deserves it. Seeing her happy, I too cannot help but be happy as well.
The stars are shining bright tonight, and the air is a nice cool, no longer cold. I took a short walk out, just enjoying the campus and its silence. I know that I will miss this place when I leave.

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