Quarter Life Crisis

I apologise for not having written for two days. It's probably the longest stretch of silence I've had since starting the journals (I know for some of you….it's a welcome silence). Well here I am rambling yet again! You shall have no peace!
I got an email from Sarah, who told me not to lump all of youth into one collective junk pile. She is right. I should not stereotype any group, for Sarah has proven me so wrong. She's really been one of the most wonderful young people I've had the chance of knowing, even if it is solely through email. Sarah, you're a jewel.
Was walking home from the recreation center today and stopped in my tracks just looking at the stars. They are wonderfully bright tonight. I remember a quote that said "I can never look at the world the same way after having seen the moon rise on the other side of the planet". I often wonder how much I have changed. It has been unnoticeable to me, but when I return to Singapore, will I come across as a different person? If I have changed, I only hope it is for the better.
Coming here has certainly broadened my knowledge and my perspectives. I begin to understand other cultures, not necessarily agreeing, but understanding. I'm really looking forward to going home. The food! Oh the food. The last thing I want to do is head for a McDonald's or any other fast food chain.
I met my twelve year old sister on IRC today. It feels almost surreal in a sense. She tells me that she has made many friends on IRC. My natural instinct is to fear and be protective, but I realise that she has grown up, and I too have aged. My baby sister who had a single best friend the past eleven years of her life has now found the internet. I can almost imagine what it would feel like for a father to give away his daughter at her wedding. Well…I've always been told that I'm more protective of my sisters than my parents are. I guess I do have to learn to let go a little. *laughs* My short stint at parenting.
The finals are coming up soon, and I fear that I may be unable to update the journals as often as I normally would. I'll also be moving my computer to storage, and I hope to continue updating you from Singapore. I would love to share the emotions and events that happen there to you here in America. So do forgive me if there are lapses. I thank God for you who have taken pains to read every single line of nonsense I've written. It's nice to know that I'm not alone out here.
God bless.

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