Spring Fling and Pollen-filled Air

Slept so late yesterday trying to finish my paper. Funny thing was I felt more refreshed this morning than yesterday when I had more sleep than usual. Well the refreshing feeling lasted for a few hours. When I got back to my room after class I knocked out for a few hours. It's good to know that I don't have that much homework for the weekend.
A bunch of people from the dorm have gone to Disneyland, a program organised by the dorm. Looking at them boarding the bus, I wonder if I should have signed up and gone. Have I turned less adventurous? Coming to America I wanted to have a chance to explore the place as well as study. It seems that I've become a little too pragmatic for my own taste. Then again, the thought of roller-coasters doesn't really appeal to me. I do not want to spend money unnecessarily, my parents work hard to support me while I'm here, and I'm thankful. When I was in the army, I didn't depend on them that much financially, and now coming back to a state of dependence I feel a certain debt I never felt before. I know I owe them a debt of love, and that God has indeed provided so abundantly for me through them.
Spring has come upon Tucson. The air is filled with pollen. I can feel it when I breathe, and I understand why it triggers people's allergies. I'm fine so far. Coming from a place that has no seasons, this is the first time I've seen spring of any kind. The oranges are appearing on the trees, and flowers are sprouting out everywhere. It's easy to forget to look, for it's a gradual process, rather than the burst of colour often depicted in poems and books.
The final examinations are coming up soon, and I have quite a bit of reading I want to catch up on. This semester has passed by so fast and I've learnt so many things they don't teach in schools back home. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world of knowledge. Knowledge that may not be relevant to money making activities, but knowledge that we ought to know as human beings in a wonderfully created world.

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