To Live And Not Love Is Not To Live At All

Stayed in my room the better part of the day doing homework. When I did finally go out for dinner, the skies were gloomy. I can't imagine myself living in Chicago or Seattle if the skies are to be grey all the time. It would be a great dampener of spirits.
One thing I forgot to put into my journals a few days ago was Emily. I helped her with her English paper. She wanted to write about how variant family structures (e.g. Single-parent, gay/lesbian families) were bad for society. She presented it on Friday, and did a good job despite being nervous. A surge of parental pride came over me seeing her stand in front of the class, presenting something she was zealous about. *laughs* I know she's not my kid, but I guess I like teaching people.
Another thing I've been thinking about : Is it possible to fall in love too easily? I used to be a cynical person, and somehow over time, with Faith's influence I've become one who loves. I love the sky, the flowers around me, the people. I can still through people rather well, but now I try to trust and understand them. In a way, I'm Javert reformed. Just in case you get the wrong idea that I've fallen hopelessly in love with some other girl here, I've not. The smile of a stranger, the light in another's eyes, the little people going on their own way. Sometimes I feel my heart just melt for those moments. Maybe it's the same way I fell in love with Eponine. It's just one moment, etched on my heart, to be remembered always. I love Faith and have made a commitment to her, and I know I must be careful not to slip, yet to live life indifferent of the other lives around us is a life without love, and that, is no life at all. Where is the line to be drawn then? Do feel free to give me your thoughts, those of you who have been faithfully reading.

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