To My Dearest Baby Sister

Being an operator on the IRC channel #Poetry is not an easy task. For those of you unfamiliar with what an operator does, an operator is the person who is given the authority (and responsibility) to govern the channel. #Poetry sure has changed a lot in the past few months. The main troublemakers used to be anti-Christian pseudo-intellectuals coming in to wreak havoc, defaming a book they have never read. Now it's filled with a greater number of troublemakers, and unlike the pseudo-intellectuals, these don't even try to spell properly. They spew vulgarities and racist remarks, often agitating anyone for no particular reason at all.
I have been one of the main targets, not because I've done anything at all, but simply because I'm an operator. It's been really vexing and I'm thankful for those who drop private messages and tell me not to bother with them, or encourage me. I'm not afraid of my reputation being tarnished, for I have none. I'm vexed by the fact that this is our youth, the "leaders of tomorrow". While many discount it, saying it's phase, things have changed. The youth of yesteryear were not like this. Singapore's youth, or maybe even the world's, have grown up angry young people, full of hatred and spite. They are likely to attack anything that moves, regardless of agenda. They demand freedom of speech, an end to censorship, not wanting to face the fact that with freedom comes responsibility. The scariest thing of this all is this: I see it in my younger sister.
She's the most aggressive of us all, often clawing people (literally) to get her way. She shows no generosity or consideration at times. I have seen the beautiful side to her. I stood dumbstruck when she gave me two dollars for my birthday a number of years ago. I remember then that two dollars meant quite a bit to her. I was struck with awe, at the beauty of humanity, how we are dual-natured, as heavenly as we are earthly. I only hope and pray that she grows out of the self-centered nature, and rise above the values taught in today's society. She will rise like the Phoenix that is her name, out of the ashes, a bright light. And I will once again stand dumbstruck, at the beauty of God's creation.

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