Where Are The Clowns?

Spoke to Zahid today about his plans for summer. Somehow all of us international students are held together by the dream of going home. I guess the few I hang out with are the ones who have not taken this trip as a partying excursion. We all miss home and await the day we return to our friends and loved ones. In that way, we have unity even though we come from the different corners of the world.
I seem hooked on the song "Send in the Clowns". I've three different versions sung by Frank Sinatra, Judy Collins and Barbara Streisand. It's a sad, melancholic, dreamy song. What makes us drawn to the Eponines in the world? Is it some sadistic or masochistic streak in us that makes us love to yearn? The happily ever afters never do seem as much in demand as the longing, painful as it might be. Or is it only me?

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