Curiosity Killed The Cat

The finals are approaching and the atmosphere here is amazing. My entire floor has gone out to go drinking, it being Dustin's birthday. He wants to drink his way into Thursday, so he said. Downstairs people are watching Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail. It's so different from Singapore, where students start preparing a good two to three months before exams. I heard from Debbie that the day before the exam itself is meant for revising.
It is not to say that the education system here is lacking or in any way lesser. I have learnt so much from it, and it has answered so many questions I've had from my infancy. It has given me answers I can now pass on to little children who wonder about the stars, or about how electricity works. I am constantly intrigued by the things I do not know, and the system here has been most kind to my curiosity.
Curiosity was also what made me buy a two litre bottle of Dr. Pepper. I remember it tasting funny to me when I first tasted it back home, but couldn't for the life of me recall what it tasted like. Now I realise it's not exactly the most pleasing thing to my taste buds, but I'll have to finish it.

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