One of the Boys

The guys in the dorm are really gelling pretty well. We went out for a Chinese buffet during dinner and it was a time of good company. It's been some time since I had that. The last male bonding experience was probably in the army with Yusman and Haresh. Omar (one of the guys in the dorm) believes in fortune cookies and his fortune cookie read something like: "you will spend the evening in good company" or something like that. We all raised a plastic cup of soda to that.
It's hard to imagine that as the semester ends, I will probably never see Dustin, Eric or Aaron again. It's not that we are the closest of friends, but we were certainly somewhere along that path. They are transferring to other universities. Well, I guess we never know. The world isn't that big a place.
Someone on IRC once commented that we don't really need lifelong friends. We just need friends at points in our lives. It's something I don't want to believe, even though the evidence does stare me right in the face. It would be highly skeptical if we look at friends as only temporal waterholes. I still want to believe that you can make lifelong friends that are there all the way. I have found so much beauty in some people along this road of my life. While it is true that some have virtually disappeared into time, every time I make a new one I have expectations (you might call them unrealistic) of keeping them. Wonder what some fortune cookie might say…..

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