The Way of Wisdom Starts Out With A Step Of Holy Fear

I have nothing to share but this short reading that sums up so well what I've learnt in my education here:
<blockquote>"Wisdom is, in modern terms, having one's priorities straight. Young professionals fresh out of college work seventy-hour weeks in order to afford a Porsche, forgetting about the virtually costless pleasures of a good book or a deep conversation. With a little wisdom, the smart ones will see their way through it, and the point of an education is to show them the way. A wise friend once said that the most important decision a person ever makes in this society is how little money one needs to live on. The wisdom behind that homey bit of advice was, of course, that money is a mere means, and if you do not understand what it is you really want, the means may readily eclipse the end. It has also been said that 'You can never get enough of what you really didn't need in the first place,' and this seems to be all too true of a great many people in our society. Wisdom is knowing what one wants, what is important, what is really worth working and living for, and why. Wisdom means understanding oneself and other people, having a deep appreciation of emotions and the calamities that can befall a human being. One cannot be both insensitive and wise."
-Robert and Jon Solomon.</blockquote>
Wish we could see all that.

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