To Be(lieve) Or Not To Be(lieve)

It's funny. As we approach the end of the school term, the guys on the dorm floor are hanging out a lot more, and the one question that always comes up is "why didn't we do this earlier?" Come next semester all of us will be in different dorms, some living in apartments, and some even in different schools due to transfers. I remember saying in jest "oh it's me. It's because I'm now here.", and they agree (not exactly the effect I was expecting). They said it's because I've spoken to everyone and involved everyone in the floor, regardless of previous affiliation.
I am not a social animal. I have not been to a single party with them as I don't subscribe to an existence (temporary or permanent) whose actions are dictated by alcohol. I have however made it a point to talk to anyone any chance I get. I get some of them to go to the gym with me, or watch a movie when I rent the videos. Dorm life has grown from the little cage I have of my room to a rather enjoyable habitat. Of course, the coarse American humour is still present, but I add in my two cents of verbal assault once in a while.
I left my door open for a few minutes while I went to Emmitt's room today, and the wastepaper basket was stolen. I was upset that it had to be someone from this dorm. Where do we trust, and where do we "play it safe"? I am still learning to toe the line. To believe in the best of people, and to reduce my losses.

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