Verbosity in Vulgarity

This weekend has been most uneventful. I refrained from playing basketball as my ankle was a little sore. Spending most of your waking hours in a tiny dorm room can really kill you. I took short walks out and around the campus.
Tried to start studying for the coming final exams, but to no avail. I could barely concentrate long enough to read through my English exam packet. Sigh…I hope I get into the groove soon.
IRC grows more and more depressing each day. Today I witnessed two people (who didn't know each other) in a catfight. They were university students who apparently had a good grasp of vocabulary. Large words were thrown around to put down the other. It was sick. So much for education. If it merely gives us tools to kill one another more efficiently, I'd rather live the life of a janitor. I'm angered by these people who think so highly of themselves, and rather than be amazed at the immense amount of knowledge yet to be learnt, assume that they know all. Barbarians using big words rather than clubs. The barbarian is still very much there. The only thing gone is the investment their parents put into their "education".
Faith often encourages me to believe in the best in people, and I will admit it's not an easy task. I've a knack for reading into people, and often with remarkable accuracy. But I've also found that if you believe in someone in good faith, the results will be better than previously expected. Not always true, but I'd rather live in innocence than be changed by the corrupt surroundings.

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