A Lovely Gesture

Spent the day less than productively today. I was supposed settle the buying of drinking straws for the children's program for a church camp that starts next week, but due to sheer laziness I decided to do it tomorrow. So the day consisted of reading Harry Potter and playing basketball. Later in the day, Faith got into a somewhat bad mood and blamed me for not having done what had to be done today. I was rather shocked and annoyed as she had shown no displeasure throughout the course of the day.
I remember feeling down and rather upset, as things like these get to me easily. I sat on the toilet seat, depressed and the phone rang. Faith had called up to apologise for her bad mood. A gush of overwhelming happiness came over me and I was glad to be able to resume my engagements without a bad cloud over my head.
Went out with Haresh and Yusman. We watched Reindeer Games at Orchard Cineleisure. It was a pretty good show, with relatively little hype in the media. During the duration of the show, Faith paged me to inform me about the on-going basketball game between the Lakers and the Trailblazers. Whoever won this game would make a trip to the NBA finals. It put a smile on my face to know that she was watching a game she didn't fancy and paging me to keep my informed. It was a sweet gesture dearest, and I appreciate it…a lot. 🙂

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