First Timers

A most funny thing happened today. A short hair pierced the sole of my foot, resulting in a most unusual splinter. After removing it, I told Faith about it in my living room and my father overhearing it sat up. Apparently he had the same thing happen to him a few days back and when he told my mother about it, she didn't believe him. In between laughter I pointed at my dad and told Faith "that's my dad all right", amazed at the same occurance happening to us.
It struck me that not too long ago I would not have said anything like that. It is not that I am ashamed of my parents, rather that I've always felt that they were ashamed of me. I guess we've both misunderstood each other. Thank God that everything's been sorted out. I remember telling myself in times of anger that they were not the model parents I had read about or come to know in movies or on TV. As I was bathing today I realised that they were new to this. I am the eldest in my family and the guinea pig so to speak. It was my parents' first time at being parents. They seemed so much more human now.
As I look at my sisters who are sometimes unreasonable, I also begin to understand that it too is their first time being a child. How do I then expect children to be sensible or considerate? We are all still learning as we go along. I hope that bearing this in mind will make me more conscious and tolerant about other people's mistakes and failures.
To my dear parents : Great job, for a first timer. 🙂

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